Deep Cuts: Rich Songs

Hans_Vredeman_de_Vries_(Nachfolge)_Ideale_PalastarchitekturOkay, here’s the deal:  This playlist was put together as a companion for a piece that I canceled.  I’m sure the backbone of that particular story will make its way into some future manuscript, but for now it’s better just to leave that material alone.

Meanwhile, I’m on vacation this week, so I need some filler.  Since you’re all bloody rich, I thought that this one might ring your silver bells.

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Deep Cuts: Boxing Songs

John_L._Sullivan1“Stay after him, Jim, you got home in the ropes” was a great punchline, but it was no accident: My grandfather and I shared a fondness for boxing.  During one of his hobo camper visits we went to see the Hagler-Hearns rematch on closed circuit television.  During that last visit with him he told me to “keep an eye on this Tyson kid.  He’s going to be the next champ.”

So it only made sense to come out swinging with a list of songs about boxing and boxers.  And there’s the bell for round one:

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Deep Cuts: Songs For Grieving

A good friend of mine recently lost her father.  There’s really not much else to say here.  Loss is incredibly difficult.

She suggested that I put together a “Deep Cuts” list of grieving songs, and I’m happy to do so. I wish I could do more, but I can’t.  Hope it helps.

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