59. Pretty Young Things, Repeat After Me

I have a lengthy track record of disliking Michael Jackson.  When I was seven my oldest sister received a 45 of “Dancing Machine” as a birthday gift.  I thought that was pretty hot, then my cousin brought over Brownsville Station’s “Smoking in the Boys Room” and “Dancing Machine” lost its cool.

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Deep Cuts: Ten Songs To Hate School By

Songs about school date back to the beginning of rock and roll.  Throughout the Fifties and Sixties they focused on just how keen and swell school is, and then Alice Cooper happened.  “School’s Out” sort of created a new genre of school songs, and everyone from The Ramones to .38 Special piled on throughout the Seventies and Eighties.

So without copping to the obvious (Brownsville Station, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Ramones), here are ten songs to remind you just how badly high school sucked.

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49. This Is A Public Service Announcement (With Guitars)

“I’m not driving to Colorado every time your grandfather decides he’s dying,” my father muttered. He jammed the last of the luggage into the back of the station wagon.  “He rotted his stomach drinking and now he expects everybody to feel sorry for him.”

This would be our last full family station wagon trip across country, but it was far from the first.  One of my earliest memories is of my mother carrying me to our Bel-Air wagon before dawn, still in my Underdog jammies, for one cross-country trip or another.  We were the original Griswolds, making good time and stopping only for gas and bathrooms.

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