April’s Picks: February 2014

April MoseleyApril isn’t messing around this month. No small talk, no jibba jabba, just right to the music.
I’m with her, let’s do this:

49. This Is A Public Service Announcement (With Guitars)

“I’m not driving to Colorado every time your grandfather decides he’s dying,” my father muttered. He jammed the last of the luggage into the back of the station wagon.  “He rotted his stomach drinking and now he expects everybody to feel sorry for him.”

This would be our last full family station wagon trip across country, but it was far from the first.  One of my earliest memories is of my mother carrying me to our Bel-Air wagon before dawn, still in my Underdog jammies, for one cross-country trip or another.  We were the original Griswolds, making good time and stopping only for gas and bathrooms.

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Deep Cuts: Ten Covers Done Right

Sure every garage band when I was growing up played “Freebird,” but that doesn’t mean they played it well or brought anything new to the table.  That’s what makes a good cover song:  Bringing some new level of understanding to the listener.  Not just change for change’s sake, but “Oh, I never noticed that” kind of change.

Cover songs aren’t particularly rare  anymore.   Between tribute albums, heritage acts putting out complete albums of covers, and grunting “Yeah, yeah” over another artist’s song and calling it your own, there are countless opportunities to hear your favorite songs in a new way.  However, what is still rare is the remake done so well that the cover artist owns the song.  Here are some classic covers:

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