Deep Cuts: Math Songs

 “Where’s the music?” was the most commonly asked question after my last piece.  “Are you really that stupid?” was a close second, followed by “Can you walk and talk without falling down?”

The music was there, be it ever so subtle.  Square Pegs was a short-lived show (1982-83) about not fitting in at school; it’s theme song was performed by The Waitresses.   I cribbed a line for the piece’s title.  (Side note:  Lead Waitress Patty Donahue passed away a couple of years ago from lung cancer.)

I’ll grant you that it was a cheap play, but I’ve been trying to slip a Square Pegs reference in for months.  However, I understand my responsibilities.  If I’m going to make you sit through algebra class with me I better pony up some music, so here’s a playlist of math-related deep cuts for you:

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