13. Never Before Have I Turned On You

Ted Nugent is a bit of a cartoon character today.  With his hunting shows,  Fox News appearances, and general lack of ability to possess an unspoken thought, he’s either hero or embarrassment to his fans.  He’s not the only formerly dangerous soul to be softened by the pop culture machine.  Ozzy Osbourne, once considered the epitome of evil by suburban mothers, is now a cuddly pet suitable for Justin Beiber commercials.  Gene Simmons, the blood spitting, fire-breathing demon, the God of Thunder, appears in Dr. Pepper commercials with dwarves.  He’s better known today as a merchandising whore than a musician, and he claims to be proud of that.  Alice Cooper:  golfer, family man, Christian.  It’s hard to imagine that these cute little kittens once were fearsome dinosaurs who roamed the country in fringe jackets and codpieces, laying waste to hotel rooms and snapping Polaroids of local girls with daddy issues.  Go go, Godzilla.

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