• Deep Cuts: Drive-In Songs


    Remarkably few songs have been written about drive-in restaurants.  Go figure — I’d think somebody could knock one out while waiting for a chili cheese-a-plenty.

    But they haven’t, and I’m hellbent on a “drive-in” playlist this week, so here’s what you get, even if they are about drive-in movies:

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  • The Rise of the Planet of the Lemeloes

    Politics and observational bitching aren’t my wheelhouses.  There are plenty of places out there for you to read that stuff, so I stick to music and true tales of puking strawberry daquiri into my neighbor’s bushes circa 1979.  There’s enough snarkiness on the intergooglewebtubes without me piling on.

    But recently I attended a family reunion where I was more or less shoehorned into the role of the whackadoo liberal nephew from California, home of the gays and the hippies.  Also, The Beach Boys.  At one point I noted that I don’t consider myself a liberal, at which point my extended family uttered a collective “That’s okay, we all do.”

    That’s the rub with American politics circa 2012 (or at least American political rhetoric): you’re  either a NAMBLA-defending tree sitter or you’re humping your assault rifle while staring at your Reagan poster.  I don’t fit either stereotype, nor do most Americans fit these ready-made red and blue clichés.

    The majority of us are silent members of the Lemelo Party.  Never heard of us?  Here’s some information on our organization: Continue reading