Anomie Belle at the Blue Lamp, 10/30/11

You’re not familiar with Anomie Belle? I’d much rather light a candle than curse your darkness.  She is one of the most interesting indies out there right now — no allegiance to genres, instruments (acoustic or electronic), or even to her own voice.  Her only loyalty appears to be to the songs, and each one is a perfect little snow globe of a world ranging from the ethereal and moody to some of the most challenging experimental (yet melodic) stuff I’ve heard in years.

For example, “How Can I Be Sure” from Sleeping Patterns has all the moody sexiness you’ll ever need:

So you’ve got her pegged, right?  She’s some kind of contemporary Sade, laying down the tasty seduction groove.  But then she offers up what should be the theme song to the Occupy Wall Street movement (though it predates it).  Here she demonstrates what a bright and prescient lyricist she is, but doesn’t forget that it’s all about the  song.  Listen closely — goosebump music.

Okay, now you have a bead on her, right?  Luscious voice, sleepy melody, razor-sharp lyrics.  Well, while you were zigging she was zagging.  Here come the beats along with an extended use of that big voice to create new  characters.  The video itself is pretty damned amazing, too.

“But James, I don’t like all that electronicky wockawoll these kids today listen to,” you say.  “Whatever happened to talented people playing real instruments?”  Wow, you just never learn, do you, Chumpfrey?

I haven’t been this excited about a new artist in years.  I’m thinking back to my days in Los Angeles, seeing bands like Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in clubs and knowing that someday I’d be telling the tale (which I just did, I guess.  Yeah, that’s right — I was there). 

If you’re in the Sacramento area you need to come out for this show and grab yourself an “I saw her  back when…” story.  There might not be a music industry as we once knew it, but when Anomie Belle manages to find a foothold in the new world order she’s going to break out; and if she doesn’t, we can all be in on the best kept secret in the indie music world. 

Tickets are only 8 bucks and are available at the door.  See you Sunday, October 30 at:

Blue Lamp
1400 Alhambra Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95816-6509
(916) 455-3400

Wait!  Wait!  Don’t leave without your freebies!  You can download a couple of free tracks here:

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  1. Nice find! She has a great voice and seems very talented! Wish I was in Sacramento to see her. Some parts remind me very much of Amy Lee of Evanescence. Totally loved it and have downloaded the tracks too. Thanks for the intro!!

    Allow me to reciprocate…just in case you haven’t heard anything..try this and then search more if you like it..

    A young lady by the name of Beth Hart has just just started causing a bit of a stir..just brought out a cd with a lot of collaberation from non other than Joe Bonamassa. Wonderful stuff and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Enjoy 🙂


      • Glad you like 🙂

        But back to Anomie, life, the universe, coincidence and everything…. bearing in mind that until now..well, about 6 hours ago at least, I had never heard of Ms Belle and I doubt that even now she hasn’t heard of me.. I played the four tracks off your blog to my good lady wife when she came home from work. I thought she would like them, and I was right, as usual ( I am a man after all 😛 ) and she exclaimed “I want the album!!” – so dutiful husband that I am I went straight to iTunes and downloaded ‘Sleeping Patterns’ which includes the first two tracks from your post and 9 others which we will listen to shortly…but….my point is…checkout the title of track 6…and now tell me life is a little too coincidental for comfort sometimes 🙂


  2. A new one for me, and I like it! That ‘Sleeping Patterns’ was particularly impressive…and spooky. One to look out for over here in the UK.


  3. What a cool surprise. After hearing these examples of her work…especially the last video, where she is playing live, I am going to watch for her to come around the LA area.


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