Happy Birthday to “Why It Matters”

One year ago today I posted the first “Why It Matters” pieces.  It was the opening volley in an effort to overcome a creative block rooted in anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and a fairly crippling lack of self-esteem.  Here’s where we are one short year later:

  • 97 posts
  • 53 musical memoir pieces totalling 80,000 words of creative non-fiction
  • Dozens of artists name checked
  • Hundreds of songs discussed
  • Six Uniball pens exhausted
  • One creative block cleared
  • One ego partially restored

But the statistic that most delights me is the number of new friends I’ve met.  I greatly appreciate you taking time out of your own lives to read my little stories.  Some of you even take the time to share your thoughts, click the “like” button, rate a piece, or otherwise leave your footprints.  It means a lot to know that you are out there, and I promise not to abuse your good will.  I’ll do my best over the next year to keep you entertained with both new and old tasty nuggets, and more true tales of liquor, lust, and primer gray Camaros set to music.

Enough.  How about we wrap up this group hug with the greatest. Birthday song.  Ever.

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  1. Congratulations James on your first anniversary. Although I’ve been remiss in letting you know, I’ve been enjoying keeping up with your memoirs on a regular basis. Keep it up.


  2. Big congratulatory hugs (in a manly platonic kind of way of course)
    It’s been great reading you and learning that no matter how unique each of us thinks we are, deep down there wil always be something that binds us together. You possess the art of showing us just that.
    Rock on 🙂


  3. I am kind of shocked that it has been a year already. It made me very happy when you started this blog, and I am doing the victory dance to some imaginary song in my head because you have continued at a nice clip, and every time I think you cannot top yourself – well….you do.

    Rocket on, my man. I can say I knew you when. 🙂


    • Ditto back at you. Despite the deafening silence over in my corner of the cyber-world, you are all the proof I need to know that those debilitating issues that block the creative itch can be wrestled to the ground.
      I would venture to say that Tomas agrees with me.


  4. Happy, happy first birthday. With this kind of quality, you’ll be doing this for some time to come. As a subscriber and occasional commentator, I wish you the best. Here’s to a second year!


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