Help Stripmall Architecture, Score Some Cool Stuff

Stripmall Architecture is working on a new album, Lowbrow in the Evening, and they’re opening up the vaults and cupboards to make you a part of it.

This is a truly great band: atmospheric, moody, melodic, and Rebecca Coseboom has an amazing voice that’s both powerful and fragile as glass.  It’s really a wonder.  They’re another one of those bands that should be much bigger than they are.  That’s where you come in.

Stripmall Architecture is taking the production of this album directly to you via Kickstarter, so instead of simply being a consumer of their music you can be a contributor.  Toss a couple of bucks toward the making of the album, and not only do you get a copy but you also get your name in the album’s credits.  How cool is that?  And the more you give, the more you get — everything from tee shirts to your own private show.  You can even score fried chicken.  Yep, fried chicken.

I’m a huge fan of these kinds of things.  In my opinion this is the greatest innovation in the music industry in years.  If you would’ve told me at twelve years old, for example, that I could have my name on a KISS album I would’ve peed my pants and blown a snot bubble.

How often do you get to contribute to a piece of art?  Loosen up that ten bucks in your pocket and visit Stripmall Architecture’s Kickstarter page here:

Super Deluxe Bonus:  For every new subscriber to “Why It Matters” between now and March first I will increase the amount of my pledge, so make the most of it!

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  1. I agree, this is a fantastic way for talented people to be able to move forward in their careers…and a way for ordinary people to become a part of the music scene in some small way.

    And Stripmall Architecture is awesome! Wow, love.

    I will return to their page after payday next week 🙂


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