From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Pussycats Can Go Far

Buzzy Linhart is a fascinating and little known dude, at least these days.  Roommate to John Sebastian in the early Sixties co-writer of Bette Midler’s  “(You Got to Have) Friends,”  Buzz is close to seventy and he’s still kicking around. You can visit him here:

Buzzy, if you happen upon this I apologize and I’d love to do a “Why It Matters” piece with you, but bless your heart this might be one of the worst album covers ever.

SUPER DELUXE HIDDEN BONUS TRACK!  Check out Famous: The Buzzy Linhart story on Vimeo!

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  1. How prophetic! An internet meme before the invention of the internet. A Meme before the definition of meme, f’crissakes.

    Quite a civilized and restrained rewiew, James. Should fate dictate his passing in our time, I expect your usual dignified multmedia homage. Perhaps you would then revisit this reposed Cheshire cat-man with some descriptions you have swallowed.


    • I shouldn’t wait until he passes. Buzzy is an absolutely fascinating story. Anybody who jammed with Hendrix story AND appeared full-frontal in a cult classic (The Groove Tube) has an amazing life story to share. Check out the documentary link I posted.


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