Deep Brushstrokes

Deep Brushstrokes: Guess The Plagiarism, Win A Doodle

I found this in a box in my attic.  It’s the original artwork that I did for the cover of my high school’s literary magazine.  I don’t know if it was a “balls on her chin” visual pun or what, but I do know this:

Leave a comment correctly identifying what Teenager James shamelessly ripped off for this image and  win your choice of a doodle created just for you, or a hand-written copy of the Why It Matters story of your choice.

If I get more than one correct response I’ll pick a winner at random.  Happy guessing!

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  1. Go on then, I love a good guessing game… Ummmmmm….. Errrrr..
    Wellll…. I reckon….. if it’s not Alex from Clockwork Orange, it could well be Ziggy Stardust..
    But if I’m wrong please edit and delete me as I just couldn’t stand the embarrassment!



    • Oh, that’s a good guess and for all I know it could be right. I don’t remember explicitly copying anything, but when I happened upon this the other day I immediately thought, “Wow, that looks like _____. What a little thief I was.”

      So rather than throw in the towel quite yet, here’s another clue for you all:

      – It was 1984
      – I’m not thinking of a visual artist but a musician
      – His last name was Nelson.


      • AH ha ha ahahaha!! Does “could be right” win anything? Or am I just an ‘honorable mention?” Poor Tomas, he was so looking forward to a Mr. Pincushion – but I am going to hand this over to him with the new hints, make him work a little. Man’s gotta earn his Pincushion, am I right?


  2. Willie Nelson Angel Eyes?

    I wouldn’t call this doodle plagiarism (if I might perhaps be right, though I have my doubts), nor even an homage, but simply influenced by the greats – as even Willie is. Nobody is reinventing the wheel in any artistic endeavor, nor should one try. We’re just trying to make it a bit more interesting and perhaps tweak the perspective on something we all take for granted way too much i.e. music, writing, dance, theatre, you name it.

    By the way, I feel the “balls” were much more subconsciously influenced by the arms of Robby the Robot from “Forbidden Planet”. Too many saturday sci-fi movies for you my dear James.


    • Yes, Yes. Robby The Robot, that’s the ticket. (Actually I’d just learned to make a sphere with an airbrush, but your story is better.)

      Nope, not Willie Nelson. I do like the Redheaded Stranger, and this particular Nelson also was a guitarist. In 1984 he was doing big business.


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