Stompin’ Prints Are Here and Ready For Presale!

I just picked up the twenty-five “Keep On Stomping” prints.  They came out great.  With border the final prints are 18×24 inches and are printed on paper with more specifications than my car.

Next up is getting on Cinder’s calendar for a signing party, but due to the incredibly small run of prints I wanted to give you first chance before the Cinder wolves grab them all.  I also want to cut you guys a special price as thanks for supporting Why It Matters.

So here’s the deal:  Sixty-two bucks American gets you a signed work of art limited to only twenty-five numbered copies, and I’ll only ask you to throw me five bucks for shipping.  Anything over that I’ll cover.

So $67 guarantees you an 18×24 signed and numbered giclee print on Swiss, heavyweight, acid-free, coated, treated, cotton-cellulose, bright-white, matte paper that’s rated at 200+ years archival stability.  At the rate I’m going that means your print will start fading right around the time I finish Why It Matters.  (I’m slow.)

Please email me at jostaffordjr@gmail.com to work out the details, and soon you’ll have one of these to hang over your quadrophonic hi-fi:

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    • I’m trying to find my footing with the new theme. I want it to be clean and readable — not a big fan of gimmicks and gingerbread. Any and all feedback is welcome. This is you guys’ site — I just work here.


      • Well, for just working here, you are getting psychic with your fans. I much prefer the white background, simply because my eyes have such a tough time with white lettering on black background. I love the way it looks, but for this senior citizen it is a strain on the ol’ peepers.


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