The (Kind Of) Complete Woodstock: Tim Hardin

By the end of 1969 musician Tim Hardin had seven albums to his credit.  He also had a wicked case of stage fright and a heroin addiction.

All things considered the surprise isn’t that Woodstock’s fourth performance was a short twenty-five minutes, but rather that it happened it all.

Tim Hardin was a Vietnam vet dating back to the late fifties when American soldiers deployed there were “advisers.” He was also a veteran of the Greenwich Village folk scene, but mostly he’s remembered for writing “If I Were A Carpenter.”

The few songs available from Tim Hardin’s Woodstock set are a reminder of what an enormous talent we lost when he succumbed to his heroin addiction in 1980 at age thirty-nine.  Here  is Hardin’s Woodstock set list along with where you can find official releases of his performance:

  1. (How Can We) Hang on to a Dream (Woodstock -40 Years On: Back To Yasgur’s Farm (CD)
  2. Susan
  3. If I Were a Carpenter (Woodstock: Three Days of Peace & Music (CD))
  4. Reason to Believe
  5. You Upset the Grace of Living When You Lie
  6. Speak Like a Child
  7. Snow White Lady
  8. Blues on My Ceiling
  9. Simple Song of Freedom (Woodstock -40 Years On: Back To Yasgur’s Farm (CD)
  10. Misty Roses

Your official Woodstock soundtrack count to date: 13

Next week: Ravi Shankar

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