Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: The Best of Best Songs

TrophyYou’ve been inundated with “best of” lists over the last couple of weeks, so how about one more?  Below are the best songs about the best, or at least the best ones from my playlist, which probably isn’t the best.

“You’re My Best Friend,” Queen.  Is there any doubt that this is the best best song?  Not in my mind.


“My Best Friend’s Girl,” The Cars.  Although this scores a close second.


“When the World is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around,” The Police.  I changed my mind — this is the best best.


“Best I Can,” Queensryche.  Hey, what can I tell you.  Everybody has their hair metal indulgences, and Queensryche is mine.  Smart lyrics, Geoff Tate’s big voice, forget about it.

“To Be the Best,” Tenacious D.  The best parody of a best song ever.


“Do Your Best (Friends),” Tubeway Army.   Yep, that’s Gary Numan all right.  Was this 1978 song advocating friends with benefits, or was that title accidental?


I think I’m going to stop right there, even though there are many more best songs that are playlist worthy.  What I really want is for you to jump in here and tell me your best best songs.  I’m listening.

P.S.  Can you believe I got through this whole piece without a single Pete Best joke?

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  1. “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” didn’t make your list? Really? “Save the Best for Last”/Vanessa Williams and “(Simply) The Best”/Turner — not favorites but both recall strong memories so I suppose that’s something.


  2. I second Queen for the top spot. Freddy was the best! I am going to add Best of My Love by Eagles and You Are the Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne.


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