From the Stacks

From The Stacks: The Three O’Clock – Arrive Without Travelling

Three OClock Arrive Without TravellingWhen 1985’s Arrive Without Travelling was released it immediately went into my heavy rotation, and I still think “Her Head’s Revolving” is one of the great singles of the eighties.

It wasn’t just The Three O’Clock.  I loved that whole Paisley Underground era — The Dream Syndicate, The Rain Parade, all of that stuff.  The band started life as The Salvation Army and released two albums prior 1985, but it wasn’t until they signed with I.R.S. and released Travelling that they hit nationally.

I sold the hell out of this in my little mall record store, pitching it as a “new wave Rush.”  I’m not sure where I got that, other than Michael Quercio’s falsetto.  Maybe it was the energy-meets-pop vibe, or the lack of crappy eighties keyboards and even crappier production values.  That can’t be it: eighties Rush had lots of keyboards.

Anyway, this one will only set you back around ten bucks or so.  Happy hunting.

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