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From the Stacks: Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet (Picture Disc)

bon jovi slippery pic disc frontOh, for Christ’s sake let’s just get this over with.

Yes, I own a Bon Jovi picture disc.

Yes, I bought it new with my employee discount because “someday it’s going to be worth, like, a lot.”

No, it is not worth, like, a lot.  Recent sale prices start around seven dollars and inexplicably range all the way up to 45 bucks.  No accounting for taste, I guess.  Happy hunting.

bon jovi slippery pic disc rear

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  1. They shore is purdy.
    I remember when they did an in-store the day they played the civic center. Ah, the little girls who showed up. All of the band were pretty cool, except for that keyboardist. What’s his name?…..Oh, yeah – Dick Prick. What an arrogant ass he was. Dixon and I got post-show backstage passes and hung out with Jon a while after the show. Probably the nicest of the lot. Didn’t see Mr. Prick after the show though. He was probably already on the bus primping in the mirror.
    Too bad I didn’t get them to sign an LP or something. I just wasn’t interested. I could probably sell it for a nice sum to some 40 year old woman now.


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