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From the Stacks: Peter Hammill – The Future Now

peter hammill the future nowI bought this album out of the cutout bin when I was a kid because I thought it must be some kind of Mick Fleetwood rarity. Man, was I wrong, thank goodness.

Peter Hammill was the brains behind the truly legendary Van der Graaf Generator, and stumbling onto his work was a bit like discovering Robert Wyatt, Phillip Glass, or Laurie Anderson. He’s one of those rare musicians who can blend art with a hook. You might not always get it, but I promise you Hammill’s work will always interest you.

The Future Now will run you around ten bucks, and if you like to be challenged it will be ten dollars well spent. Happy hunting.

peter hammill the future now 2

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  1. “You might not always get it, but I promise you Hammill’s work will always interest you.”

    very well said!
    i would certainly put Nadir’s Big Chance up there with the classic *concept* albums like Ziggy, Eno’s Tiger Mtn. and Robert Calvert’s Captain Lockheed as well.
    it’s hard to gauge ph’s influence but i would say obviously lydon and mark e smith, and his peers bowie and peter gabriel. but i would have to insist also that andrew eldritch owes something to the thin man and peter murphy as well.
    he’s still got it too. the three piece van der graaf generator are still a force and ph is still delivering the goods.


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