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On Esquire’s ‘The Mix’: I Have Nothing In Common With My Child

EsquireDo you have kids? Have you tried to share with them something you’re really into only to get the blank stare?

I remember my mother trying to teach me canasta when I was ten or so. I still don’t know what the hell canasta is. My father loved airplanes, and as a little boy I did, too, but eventually his enthusiasm earned the blank stare of boredom.

My turn came courtesy of Jane’s Addiction. I was going to share with my daughter one of the greatest live music experiences she ever had and she would be forever grateful. What did I get instead?

Hey, no spoilers! Read it for yourself on Esquire’s The Mix.

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  1. I always imagined my kids would just naturally love all of my music but once they started school, my stuff became old people music (even if it was a new release by a new band) and therefore not cool. I decided then to keep my music, and especially my concert experiences, to myself. I want going to a show to still be a fun, possibly magical, night and until the kids are old enough to like my music themselves, I selfishly don’t want to sacrifice my concert going to their boredom. My daughter is coming up on 14 now and I’m beginning to have hope that one day in the not too distant future, she’ll be asking me if she can come too.

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