On Diffuser: 24 Years Ago — Lollapalooza Makes Its Debut

Jane's Addiction

Jane’s Addiction

Here is my shameful secret: I skipped the first Lollapalooza because I was a huge Jane’s Addiction fan.

That sentence makes no sense in retrospect, but I simply couldn’t handle seeing my favorite band get so big. I couldn’t handle that it was the end for them, either. I followed the tour in the music magazines, my heart breaking with every cover story.

I had no idea that what Perry created with Lollapalooza would become one of the most important musical events of the last 25 years.

You can read all about that very first date, how it came to be, and see some really cool footage from the first Lollapalooza tour on Diffuser.

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  1. Trade you shameful secrets? I never liked Jane’s Addiction. I liked the band enough, but Perry’s voice got on my nerves.

    Okay, I’ll go sit in the corner now until you tell me I can return to WIM.


  2. I can’t handle the crush of humanity at festival shows so I’ve missed out on a lot of these moments, but more than that, I know exactly how you felt about your favorite band getting too big.


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