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Choose and Defend: McMansions or McDonalds?

Valley_girl_posterI was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last weekend. Great place.

Living in the West, I don’t see a lot of red brick, and I definitely don’t see any buildings dating to the 18th century. I don’t see much in the way of stoops, either.

What was really interesting to me was that walking around I couldn’t tell whether I was in an okay neighborhood. All of the signs of “bad neighborhood” would be there — people drinking forties on their stoops, televisions lying on the sidewalk — but people either nodded hello or simply ignored me. And then I’d go to my hotel with Porsches and Maseratis waiting in the valet area, and people were dickish.

Which brings us to this week’s choose and defend. All you have to do is choose one (and only one) of the following, then defend your choice in the comments section.

Would you rather live in:

  • A gated community

gated community

  • A funky neighborhood

stans records

Answers must fit on the back of a yellow Century 21 jacket, and come on people:  Let’s make Laura B. proud.

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  1. I’m old now. I’ll take the gated community. Not because I want to live behind the gate, but because that kind of living generally affords me more space. I have stuff. I like space to put it. Display it. Collect more of it.

    Plus, I have low tolerance for smoking and having lived in the “funky” neighborhood, I can tell you, my tolerance for people disrespecting my space is extremely low.

    I own a car. If I need my funky fix, I can hop in and visit. Then leave.

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  2. Funky all the way – yes, it can get annoying sometimes, but it really depends on your funky little community/neighbors. If a few of us band together, we can shoo the nonsense away with very little hassle.

    Even though I am also technically old now, and have stuff, etc., I would not want to live in a gated community – nothing against the gated community, mind you – I would feel out of place with my eclectic choice of plants for yard space, my tendency to see almost any object as something cool to hang from a tree, and my enjoyment of having a thousand bird feeders, which would very likely annoy my neighbors, not my intent. I’d be living every day feeling the “stink eye” thrown my way. Not fun for me, not fun for the other occupants.

    Ultimately, I will always be too disheveled for a gated community. Give me the funk any day.

    I am certain my choice has shocked you more than if I told you I was voting for Trump.

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  3. funky Cuz ….I’m Well funky plus you find good food good friends,good Music& good times in the funky neighborhood not so much in the gated You might find a friend but it’ll be a hard sell. And goos luck trying to get through security to even get to their front door to give them a housewarming gift etc….

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