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From the Stacks: Dick Pillar – ‘Polkabration Tour’

Dick Pillar Polkabration Tour frontOh man, what an album cover.

This has everything: go-go boots, matching suits, a Scooby-Doo van, a nondescript tract home. It’s like Dick Pillar and his Orchestra snapped a quick Polaroid before loading up to head over to the Knights of Columbus hall for a gig, which I’m guessing is precisely what happened. Come on, Dick –at least run a rake through the yard first.

I first saw Dick Pillar in the great Les Blank documentary In Heaven There Is No Beer. Prior to catching that flick I’d never given polka much thought beyond its satirical value. It’s such an easy target, after all, with its oompa beat, accordions, and good time vibe. Think banjos sound happy? Try to stay sad while listening to polka music.  Go ahead, I dare you:

Set the corniness aside and the distance between polka and zydeco isn’t that great, so stop being a snob and just enjoy it. Dance a little, drink a beer, maybe have some of this tuna chip casserole while you’re at it.

So yeah, Dick, you have my admiration, but this sleeve is still going into the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.


Dick Pillar Polkabration Tour back

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  1. For the full polka experience, be sure to listen to the “This Land is Your Land Polka.” It puts to shame the Peter, Paul & Mary version!


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