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Choose and Defend: Summer or Autumn?

Rev. Voodoo/Flickr Creative Commons

Rev. Voodoo/Flickr Creative Commons

It’s the toughest question of all: Who gets your last dollar, Summer or Autumn? Wait, I’m being told that isn’t an appropriate topic for “Choose and Defend,” but I’ve already typed the title so let’s just roll with it.

We’re through with summer now, at least theoretically. Where I live it’s still 158 degrees and hasn’t rained since 1953, but the calendar says it’s fall. Everyone has their favorite season. Summer lovin’ had me a blast and all that rot. Me, I like autumn. I like the cool air, longer nights, and the taste of death that accompanies nature entering its dormant phase.

But this isn’t really about me. Choose and Defend is all about you. Playing is simple: Just choose one and only one of the following options and defend your choice in the comments section. Failure to do so will result in neither Summer nor Autumn picking up your tip with her butt cheeks.

Do you prefer:


  • Summer
Rosa Dik 009 -- on & off/Flickr Creative Commons

Rosa Dik 009 — on & off/Flickr Creative Commons

  • Or Fall?
Ian Sane/Flickr Creative Commons

Ian Sane/Flickr Creative Commons

Answers must fit on the front of a vanilla-scented thong, and come on people:  Let’s make Laura B. proud.

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  1. Fall. No question. Even as a kid, and having to back to school, I just loved the feel, the changes. I suppose it had to do with my always wanting to name a compilation album I’ve had in mind for decades now (yes, I’m on it) ‘Beauty in the Darkness’. Fall lends itself to that.

    Damn, I just searched ‘Beauty in the Darkness’ and some punks took it for their band name. Pretentious little purloiners of dreams!

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  2. For me, the answer is so clear that it is inevitability not actually a choice. Hot and sweaty=bad, cool and crisp=heaven on earth. Summer is tossing and turning on sweaty sheets (the alone kind, not the fun kind), skyrocketing electric bills, the desperate rush from one air conditioned environment to another, and no interesting sports on tv. Fall is God’s apology for summer. Need I say more?

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  3. Fall by a long shot. The colors. The smells. The tricks. The treats. The coolness in the air. The opportunity to cook chili.

    Summer, on the other hand, is evil. Summer takes beautiful things — nice weather, the sun, drinking outside — and smacks you in the face with them until you’re blind. Evil, I say. Yes: Fuck summer.


  4. Summer. Always. Forever. Fall is a four letter word that starts with F. It’s nothing but winter’s precursor, slowly leading you into utter darkness and frozen peril. Don’t let the pretty colors fool you.


  5. I am late to the game here – but….sorry, I was sitting outside enjoying a day that was not 98 trillion degrees – OF COURSE Fall! And being last in line here, I don’t even have to defend it. And both Summer AND Autumn will pick up my tips with their butt cheeks, because, that is a whole different kind of hot that gets no complaints from me. 🙂


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