On Diffuser: Cover Stories: Public Image Ltd., ‘Metal Box’

PiL Metal BoxA mint condition Metal Box is one of my record collecting white whales.

The rarity is one problem — officially, only 60,000 were produced. The other problem is that there aren’t a lot of surviving examples that are in like new condition. The records get chipped up from the tight fit in the canister, and the cans themselves haven’t held up too well.

But one day I will find one, and not online but in the wild. That’s the only way to really enjoy reeling in a white whale because then you get not only the album but the story (“Arr, we docked at Dimple and there she were, shiny as a shoe button and big as the setting sun….”)

Want to know less about me and more about Metal Box? Read all about it on Diffuser.

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