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Choose and Defend: The Time Machine

Time Machine

You’re walking through a shopping mall when you notice that your watch battery is dead. After much searching, you find a little shop named The Time Machine located next to the Orange Julius. “May I help you?” the fellow behind the counter asks.

“Hi, I need a watch battery, please,” you say.

“We don’t sell those.”

“You don’t sell watch batteries in a shop named The Time Machine?”

“This isn’t a shop named The Time Machine,” the clerk says.

You step out in the hallway and double check the brightly lit letters on the front of the store. “Sorry, I’m a little confused,” you say.

“This isn’t a shop named The Time Machine — it is a time machine. I should probably change the name to something like This Is An Actual Time Machine or something like that. Most of my day is spent telling people we don’t sell watch batteries.”

“Okay, I’ll bite,” you say. “How’s this work?”

“Well, for a hundred bucks I can take you to the exact moment that a significant historical event occurred. For $150 you can change the event.”

“What’s the catch?”

“You only get one, and there’s no take-backs.”

“That’s kind of a childish turn of phrase for a grown man, don’t you think?”

“Well, yes, but we’ve already established that I’m no good with clever turns of phrase,” the clerk says.

You check your bank balance : $151.28. You can do this. What historical event do you choose to change? Let me know in the comments section below, don’t forget to defend your choice, and come on, people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.

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  1. There are so many important and significant events in the past that I could change, but it would be difficult to choose just one. So I think I’d just be selfish and buy some stock on the ground floor, like Microsoft or McDonald’s, and be a multi-millionaire.


  2. Soooooo many to pick from, dear lord. But I think I would like to go way back and change something that I think might be at the root of a lot of the mess we are in today. I would change the event (there are varying theories as to how it happened) that caused us to live in a patriarchal society. Because obviously it sucks for women, but it really sucks for a lot of men, too.


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