Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For Invisibility

It’s true: We get older and it’s like we disappear. Yes, and it’s equally true that growing invisible is a pretty liberating feeling. I no longer have to worry about jibronies thinking I’m giving them hard looks, or even worse–staring at their girlfriends. Nobody thinks I’m a shoplifting risk, or that I’m otherwise up to no good. Nobody thinks of me at all.

So here’s to the power of blending into the background. Let the young rule the world. I’m going to just sit here quietly, being ignored.  Anyway, invisibility songs:

“Crazy Invisible She,” Acid Mothers Gong.

“Invisible Man,” The Breeders.

“Watch Her Disappear,” Tom Waits.

“I Can See Through You,” Episode Six.

“She Don’t Have To See You (To See Through You),” Bobby Patterson.

“Invisible,” Dio.

“The Invisible Man,” Queen.

“I Want To Vanish,” Elvis Costello.

There you have it: Eight songs for the going away party you never wanted but you’re going to get anyway. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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  1. “I’m Looking Through You” – The Beatles
    “How to be Invisible” – Kate Bush
    “Invisible” – Julian Lennon
    “Invisible Tears” – Bobby Bare
    “Invisible Kid” – Metallica
    “Invisible People” – Peter, Paul and Mary
    “Invisible Man” – Edie Brickell
    “Invisible” – Michael Penn
    “Invisible Man” – Joe Jackson
    “Invisible” – Pet Shop Boys

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