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From The Stacks: Peter Frampton, “Lying” (Picture Disc)

I like Frampton. I like picture discs. Sue me.

“Lying,” released in 1986, was Peter Frampton’s last single to break into the Hot 100–it peaked at number 74, but it got there. Like a lot of ’60s and ’70s superstars, Frampton struggled to find his sound in the ’80s. “Lying” sounds more like a Steve Winwood track than classic Frampton:

This shape disc didn’t exactly forge new shape territory, either. While bands like J. Geils, Toto, and Tears For Fears put a little shape into their shape discs, “Lying” got a square. Maybe it was a sort of visual pun–a square disc is sort of a lie, right?

Want to start a shape disc, picture disc, or Frampton collection? You can get started with a square copy of “Lying” for as low as a buck. Happy hunting.

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  1. My friend Renee had a huge crush on Frampton when she was a teenager, and just recently informed me, somewhat defiantly, that she still had a huge crush on him. (Quite similar to your “Sue Me” remark)

    So…..totally awesome info you have put out here – If I can get my hands on this picture disc for under 5 bucks as a birthday gift for her, well….that’s a huge win-win, isn’t it? 😃

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