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From The Stacks: David Bowie, ‘Baby Doll: Gentlemen Still Prefer Blondes’ (Bootleg)

This 1976 Bowie bootleg is official these days.

Well, it isn’t but all of the tracks compiled on this boot eventually found their way onto official releases. Bowie fans enjoy an abundance of official alternate tracks, live takes, and b-sides beginning with the Ryko re-releases in the ’90s up to the elaborate box sets of the last couple of years.

But 40 years ago, hearing rare singles, imports and yada yada yada wasn’t so easy. A bootlegger calling himself J. Wizardo remedied that with this collection.

Somewhere down the road, Baby Doll was re-released as Hard Meat and Limp Hits, but it’s the same record. Either version will cost you about 50 dollars. Happy hunting.

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