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From the Stacks: Engelbert Humperdinck – A Man Without Love

engelbert a man without loveIt’s been way too long since we inducted some fresh meat into the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame, so let’s remedy that.

Any kid growing up in the seventies was baffled by the moms swooning over Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdink. First of all, his name was Engelbert; second, his name was Humperdinck.  Next, he wore ruffly shirts and bow ties and drew hearts on his record covers and sung songs like “After the Lovin.'”  This did not go over well with a Monkees crowd.

It’s not all bad news, though.  Engelbert has done quite well for himself since moving to New Zealand and changing his name to Jemaine:

Jemaine-ClementExpect to pay about a quarter for this one, unless you’re buying it from my grandma, and then it’s worth, like, thousands of dollars.

englebert a man without love

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  1. When I look at that picture of Engelbert Humperdinck (I think you have to say the whole name) I am confused. His big, cushiony lips say ‘sex me up’. His neanderthal forehead says ‘uuhhnnnggg’. Maybe that’s the same thing….


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