Cheesecake Album Covers

Cheesecake album covers: sexy or sexist?

Whatever your answer, you are correct. Album cover designers have used women to sell records as long as there have been records. In the pre-internet days, the local record store was as good of a place as any for a guy to catch a cheap thrill.

But what qualifies a sleeve as “cheesecake”? Some collectors draw the line at pin-up like album covers in a mid-20th century style. I agree that those are the top of the heap (of the cake?), but to my eye that definition is too limited. Entire genres and decades are immediately disqualified by such a narrow categorization. On the other hand, “any album cover featuring a pretty lady” is way too broad.

My line lands somewhere between those two extremes. For me the test is simply this: Is the album cover an appeal to the crotch rather than the ear? There you go–in my collection that constitutes a cheesecake album cover.