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Choose and Defend: Cowboy or Astronaut?

trip to the moonRemember when you were a kid and grown-ups told you that you could be whatever you wanted to be? Dirty liars.

Sure, some of us become NBA stars, rock gods, and presidents, but the overwhelming majority of us don’t. I suppose “you, too, can work in middle management” isn’t much of a message for the kindergarten crowd.

But what if you could be whatever you wanted? That’s the beauty of “Choose and Defend” — for a few glorious moments you get to live whatever life you want. There’s a price, though. In order to play, you must follow two simple rules: 1) Choose one and only one of the following; 2) Defend your choice in the comments section below. Failure to follow either of these rules will result in a 40 year career as a Wal-Mart greeter.

Would you rather be a:

– Cowboy?



– or an Astronaut?


Answers must fit on a Tang label, and come on people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.

all photos public domain / Wikimedia Creative Commons

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  1. Riding the range and herding along them little dogies would be quite an experience, but I’m going with astronaut. Of course that’s assuming that I would get a spaceflight. To sit atop a machine like the Saturn V and feel those Gs push you back into your seat as you watch the sky turn from blue to black would be amazing. And then to float about the cabin over to a window and see Earth below, well…


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