From The Stacks: Judas Priest-Rocka Rolla

Rocka Rolla originalThis is Judas Priest’s 1974 debut album, when they still had kind of a hippie/prog rock thing going on. It isn’t a particularly good album, but it isn’t bad. Rocka Rolla is a must for completists and an interesting record of a band trying to find their sound. Check out the title cut and you’ll here hints of what was to come:

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The Downside of Insecurity

insecurityDo you think everything you read applies to you? You might have an insecurity monkey on your back.

So, you’re thinking about trying insecurity for the first time. That’s perfectly normal, age appropriate behavior. A lot of kids experiment with insecurity and grow up to be fine, productive, upstanding citizens. But listen: As fun and sexy as insecurity may look, you need to consider the potential downsides before heading over to Hot Topic. Some kids think they can stop at shoegazing and the next thing they know they’re out on the street, trying to score a Misfits t-shirt.

Here are a few warning signs that your insecurity habit has turned into a nervous monkey on your back:

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Deep Cuts: Soda Songs

soda songs“Wow, that’s a lot of Coke” turned out to be an ad for Little Caesar’s Pizza. In the finished commercial a nerdy dude holding a large tub of soda sits down and his chair collapses. What does he say? You guessed it: “Cheap fucking piece of shit IKEA chair!” No, of course he says, “Wow, that’s a lot of Coke.”

Refreshing carbonated beverages have made their way into several songs. Here are a few from my personal playlist.

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182. Thanksgiving

chapter 182

Jody and I had only been in Los Angeles for two months when Thanksgiving rolled around. We still couldn’t afford to turn on the gas in our apartment, so cooking anything that didn’t fit in a toaster oven was out. We didn’t know anyone other than our coworkers, and they were just as broke as we were. We couldn’t even sponge off anybody. Jody was homesick, and so was I. We felt pretty bleak.

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Kitten’s Chloe Chadiez on Religion, Rock Stardom, and Hair

Kitten High Res

Kitten is the kind of indie pop rock that will remind you of your favorite New Wave bands like Eurythmics and Tears for Fears but with a harder and darker edge of unapologetic punk rock sensibilities. Founded by songwriter and front woman, Chloe Chadiez, Kitten is quickly garnering quite a cult following from tweens to GenXers. At 19, Chloe Chaidez already has 9 years of playing live music under her belt. Yup, you did the math right: she started playing at 10 and just cut her first full length album. So how does a girl from Pasadena, California end up being a rock star before she hits 20? We recently sat down with Chloe to find out. Continue reading

From The Stacks: Mannequin Men – Lose Your Illusion, Too

Mannequin Men - frontThis is a pretty cool punk-type album from a Chicago area band. Mannequin Men’s 2009 Lose Your Illusion, Too is a tasty spin for your turntable, and check out that album cover. If this was a major label album, we’d have a new entry for the Controversial Album Cover gallery. I might put it over there, anyway.

So how’s the music? Check it out:

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April’s Picks: July 2014

april picksThe great April is back from her monthly global hunt for the finest, vine-ripened music she can find. This month found her kidnapped by a group of keytar-obsessed Pygmies, and as a guest at Dick Cheney’s Montana ranch, where he showed off his collection of percussion instruments made from the bones of his enemies.

So what else did she find? Let’s take a look:

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181. It Doesn’t Matter To Me, Chasing the Clouds Away

Chapter 181 When the truck rolled up on shipment days I was always sure to help Dennis, Music Plus’s assistant manager, hump the heavy cases of records from the parking lot to the stockroom. The other guys thought I was an idiot, but I knew something they didn’t: The best way to score good promos was to unpack the shipment.

So while they busied themselves straightening video boxes, records, and other merchandise, I tore into the newly arrived boxes. I slit open a case of records and said, “Oh my god.”

“What?” Dennis asked.

I held up a vinyl promo of the 1969 soundtrack. “It’s out!” I said.

“Is that good? I don’t know anything about it.”

“I’m in this movie!”

“Oh really?” he said, never looking up from the case of albums he was unpacking.

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