Rush Photos and Set List: Sleep Train Pavillion, Concord, California, June 26, 2011

Outstanding venue, outstanding show.  Three hours overall with a half hour intermission, no opening act.  That’s a lot of Rush. And what can I say about a stage design that includes a steam punk time machine and sausage maker, and cameos from a giant chicken and a gorilla?

First set (Note: links are to studio versions):


Second set:


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  1. Well apart from the opener I think I prefer set 2 🙂
    But either way, I’m of the bands I’ve never got round to seeing AND they were just here touring earlier..think I’ve blown it now.
    Are they your pics? Nice view you had if so..hope I get as good a view on Sunday when I’m off to see the Foo’s 🙂


  2. I never saw them either, and while I was not a HUGE fan, I had great respect for them, and I did own one of the later albums, “Roll the Bones” – and wore it out. True Rush-o-philes probably hate that album and now I am marked as a complete geek, but still – I loved that damned album

    Looks like an amazing concert. I have not been to a live show in more years than I can count, and just got word that a friend is flying out to treat us to U2 at the Heinze stadium. I have no idea how to get my “big concert” shoes on. Any tips for the aged moving in a crowd of 50,000?


    • Nice — free concerts are the best kind. My guess is that you won’t be old at a U2 concert. I certainly wasn’t old at Rush.

      I enjoyed “Roll the Bones” too, so don’t feel like an alien species. I could do with out the embarassing little rap in the title track, though.


      • It’s not really worry that I am going to be the cranky old gramma in a crowd of ‘those damned teenagers’, it’s more a slight anxiety that I have become a bit of a recluse in my dotage, and rarely have to deal with more than five people at a time. Still, evening show at an open stadium right on the river. Yeah….pretty damned cool. Happy Birthday to me.:)

        AHHHHhhaaaaa – I totally forgot about that little rap bit in “Roll the Bones” – yeah, that part was very, “oh please quit that, QUIT IT!”


      • I think your biggest challenge is going to be keeping a straight face while being preached to about “the man” by a filthy rich middle-aged white dude. Once you get over that hump the rest will be smooth sailing.


      • Really, I’m not fond of crowds either except, for some reason, at RUSH concerts. I’ve only seen one fight at a RUSH concert (way back in the 1980s, in Arizona) and the vast majority of the fans are the most mellow, most decent people you could hope to encounter. I was at this concert and felt totally comfortable and safe at ALL times (man with Mohawk eight rows back from Stage Right…) and am DEFINITELY planning to go to the concert in November.


  3. This is the best rundown of a concert ever – kind of felt like i was there in spirit! You rock it like YYZ man!


  4. I’ve seen them many times and it never gets old. I got geeky a few months back when the kid was asking me about Morse code, and I segued into where Rush got the idea for YYZ (Morse code of the TACAN beacon for the Toronto airport (CYYZ is the ICAO identifier used….um…ahem). So we had to play it and deconstruct the song many times.

    Anyway, both me and the 8 year old never tire of listening to YYZ and La Villa Strangiato. Thanks bubba! I’ll show her your post and report back.


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