Why It Matters To Novelist Alanna Coca

Alanna Coca

So you have your playlist now for your breakup.  That’s a good start, but some people need a bit more distraction.  Assuming that you’re not a guy with a sense of how to use the intergooglewebtubes for post-breakup distraction (come on, don’t make me say it), then there’s a good chance you’re a candidate for a romance novel.  Reading about throbbing and heaving is the next best thing to being there, right?

Music lover Alanna Coca is out there promoting her new book PreView, a romantic suspense novel from Carina Press.  She shared with me how her playlist mattered to the creation of PreView:

When I was writing PreView I listened to a lot of cosmopolitan country. Even though the characters aren’t cowboys or cowgirls, the book does take place in Denver, Colorado. In fact one song even wedged its way into chapter twelve. Keith Urban’s “Making Memories of Us” is played behind one steamy scene. I probably listened to the song fifteen times or more.

Then there were songs by Brand New (a band classified as hard rock, but sound more like alt to me) particularly “Jesus Christ,” a song with a captivating beat and soothing harmony.  Again, the lyrics have nothing to do with my book, but very few songs would.

And then as I finished up PreView, and I had to concentrate on the commas and sentence structure a little bit more, I’d move to the old standby, and one of my favorite bands of all time. Pink Floyd has been in my life since I was six years old and heard The Wall.  Though at six, I didn’t understand 90% of the lyrics, the part where they told the teachers to “leave those kids alone” will always be a fist-bump in my young mind.

The album that puts me into an automatic Pavlovian type of trance is Wish You Were Here. This album came out back when artists didn’t mind spending fifteen minutes on one song, and each cut on the album blended to the next in a story, making it impossible to choose one as a favorite.  Below is the video from Pulse, the 1994 DVD of Pink Floyd’s concert. I really do wish I was there, no pun intended.

This band is brilliant. I’d love to just spend an hour with guitarist David Gilmour in a McDonald’s Play Place.

Those are a few of the songs that got me through my writing session for this psychic romantic suspense.

For more information about PreView and Alanna Coca, please visit: 

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