Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Library Rock, J-R

Are you all progged out from letters A through I?  Let’s see what J-R holds.   Here’s more music based on literary works:

Journey to the Center of the Earth, Rick Wakemen: Based on the classic Brendan Fraser movie — what?  I’m being told that isn’t correct.  Apparently some non-Brendan Fraser calling himself “Jules Verne” wrote the novel on which this noodly keyboard album is based.

“Killing An Arab,” The Cure.   Yeah, yeah, I went to The Cure well twice.  I just couldn’t bring myself to skip Robert Smith’s brilliant take on Camus’ The Stranger.

“Love and Destroy,” Franz Ferdinand: If I’m going to bust out Camus I may as well toss in the Russians.  Here’s a take on Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita.

“Macbeth,” John Cale: I’ve missed a few opportunities to get a John Cale cut out there, so we’ll use a Shakespeare reference to finally get him into the mix.

“1984,” David Bowie:   The Diamond Dogs album was supposed to be a concept piece based on George Orwell’s 1948 novel about life in the United States in 2011 (see what I did there?), but Bowie couldn’t secure the rights.  Thank goodness the music got out there anyway.  Honorable mention in the “N” category goes to Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)” because I’m a sucker for A Clockwork Orange.

“One,” Metallica: The best thing that ever happened to Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun.

“Paperback Writer,” The Beatles:  Okay, it isn’t a deep cut and it isn’t based on a book, but it’s about books and it’s The Beatles so deal with it.

Queen, “Ogre Battle:” I’m not sure that this cut foots to a specific book, but every D&D nerd knows ogres.  Maybe it’s Tolkien, maybe Michael Moorcock.  Who cares?  This track kicks ass.

“The River,” PJ Harvey: Are you a Flannery O’Connor fan?  If not, you should be.  What a writer.

Next up:  The exciting conclusion to the alphabet!  Spoiler alert — it ends with ‘Z.”


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