Anomie Belle Tour Dates

Sometimes I forget that the pipes that make up the intergooglewebtubes extend well past the Sacramento city limits, and for that I apologize.  I was in such a rush to spread the word about Anomie Belle’s October 30 show at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento that I didn’t consider the rest of you.

March 2012 update:

Anomie Belle is co-headlining some dates with Yppah in late March.  Here are the dates:

Thursday, March 22nd
Chop Suey, Seattle, WA

Saturday, March 24th
Doug Fir, Portland, OR (w/ Cars & Trains)

Friday, March 29th
Electric Owl, Vancouver, BC (w/ Vincent Parker)

Here are the rest of the dates for her California tour:

Here are the dates:

Date:                Location:              Venue:

October 27       Vancouver BC       Biltmore Cabaret

October 30       Sacramento          Blue Lamp

November 1     San Francisco       Brick & Mortar

November 2     Los Angeles          The Roxy

November 3     Fresno                  Fulton 55

I know this doesn’t help much if you are in Europe or the UK or parts unknown where wrestling villains come from, but who knows?  Show your love and maybe a little acorn of a tour will grow into a mighty oak.

Also: Kathryn Calder from the New Pornograpers is on this bill, too.  I think I want to marry this video:

Related “Why It Matters” Piece:

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