Some Weekend Housecleaning

I’m always thinking about how to make “Why It Matters” a better experience for you guys.  Suggestions?  Send them to me — I’m listening.

I would like to ask you a favor, though.  You know those little rating stars under each piece?  That’s not a vanity thing.  The results drive the “Top Rated” box that you see to your right, which new and fly by readers use to determine whether to waste their time here.  So, if you like a piece will you do me a favor and click the little stars?

Thanks for helping me clean the house.  You can go outside and play now.

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  1. I occasionally go back and re-read a post, and I re-star it every time. Sometimes wordpress thinks I am a new person, most times, they chid me and the number stays what it was – wordpress’s passive-aggressive way of saying, “Uh-uh, girl, you’ve already been here, you cannot vote twice.”

    Why not, wordpress? If a post is worthy of a reread, it is worthy of another star. Anybody else with me on this?


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