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  1. You’ve embraced the obsession! Embraced it, organized it, photographed it, posted it. Holeee cow. Now you can comfortably run stark naked down the street. You have been seen and from what I can gather, fully accepted.

    It’s really a wonder, your tower. I have ben gazing at it for quite some time. It makes me very happy.


    • Sadly Bowie is but one of many towers. The only thing I can say in my defense is that for the most part I manage to keep my obsessions focused on the music itself. No David Bowie life mask or KISS casket in this house, though I am staring at both Osmonds and a Bee Gees lunchboxes as I type this, so my hands aren’t perfectly clean.


      • The towers are simply fabulous. I want to see them all lined up and stacked.

        Between us, lunchboxes are totally irresistible. I seem to have misplaced my original “Charlies Angeles” one, and I am very upset.

        Just my opinion, but if there is a lunchbox or ten lying around, you are still all good. But yeah, masks and caskets? Lame-o!


      • They are irreistible — little pieces of throwaway pop art. I don’t know how many I have, probably forty or so, and Charlie’s Angels is one of my favorites. The gals look so happy while they’re kicking ass in their lunch lady polyester pant suits. I’ll have to post some photos.


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