From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Les Paul And Trio

Pop quiz!  Answer the following question about this 1957 Les Paul album cover.

What I first noticed was:

  • A) The beautiful woman lounging on the shag carpet
  • B) The tobacco sunburst background
  • C) The Tops Hi-Fi logo
  • D) The guitar isn’t a Les Paul

If your answer was not (D) then I say good day to you.  GOOD DAY!

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  1. D’ythink it is a Gibson? Pretty sure I recognize their pearloid tuning pegs. Did notice the girl… was worried that she would bend the neck. LAY IT DOWN FLAT, ON IT’S STRINGS LADY!


  2. I mostly noticed that the carpet she is laying on looks somehow not particularly nice or clean. Same with that limp pillow they placed under her elbow. Stay classy, Tops!


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