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From The Stacks: Little Baggariddim “Picture Disc”

Special pressing have always appealed to me.  Just last week I posted a clear vinyl album, and I’m sure I’ll be posting lots more colored vinyl.  So why a boring old black UB40 album?   Well, here’s the thing:

Little Baggariddim was a 1985 six-track EP that was released in both a “regular” and “picture disc” format.  The picture disc was actually your standard issue black vinyl packaged in a clear plastic sleeve and bearing a label with a photo of the band.   Neither the sleeve nor the label makes this a picture disc.

For example, here’s a photo of a Tubular Bells picture disc:

Photo (c)32bitmaschine

See the difference? The picture is on the disc, thus the name.

Anyway, I’m the sucker who bought this cynical piece of packaging because it was rare and limited and bound to be worth thousands someday.  If you want your own valuable UB40 collectible you can pick up a copy on eBay for $2-$5 American.  I’d sell you mine, but I keep it in my special shame box next to my Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet picture disc.

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    • Meh, it’s a business, I can’t blame them. Besides, I’m the sucker who always falls for it; well, used to. I’m much more mature than that now. I’d never fall for a….Hey! A new Dead Boys deluxe box set! I gotta run!


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