Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Math Songs

 “Where’s the music?” was the most commonly asked question after my last piece.  “Are you really that stupid?” was a close second, followed by “Can you walk and talk without falling down?”

The music was there, be it ever so subtle.  Square Pegs was a short-lived show (1982-83) about not fitting in at school; it’s theme song was performed by The Waitresses.   I cribbed a line for the piece’s title.  (Side note:  Lead Waitress Patty Donahue passed away a couple of years ago from lung cancer.)

I’ll grant you that it was a cheap play, but I’ve been trying to slip a Square Pegs reference in for months.  However, I understand my responsibilities.  If I’m going to make you sit through algebra class with me I better pony up some music, so here’s a playlist of math-related deep cuts for you:

The Noisy

“Add It Up,” Violent Femmes

“Minus,”  Beck

“1,000 Times Blind,” Rollins Band

“Divide,” Disturbed

“One Percent,” Jane’s Addiction

“Power Of Equality,” Red Hot Chili Peppers


The Quiet

“Pi,” Kate Bush

“Calculation Theme,” Metric

“Love Plus One,” Haircut 100

Super Special Schoolhouse Rock Bonus Cut!


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  1. I guess I am surprised there aren’t more songs about math, as music is a mathematical thing itself. Not a fan of math, as a rule, but I do admire people who “get math…and I do love these math songs!
    Love, love, love, love, plus, plus, plus, plus one…


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