Deep Cuts: Bicycle Songs

I love bicycles, absolutely love them.  I love riding them, looking at them, working on them, rescuing them, restoring them.  There is no more democratic form of mechanical conveyance than the bicycle, which is how the overwhelming majority of the world uses them.  Here in the United States we use them mostly as toys for small children and large adults, but there are still plenty of Americans who use them as transportation, too.

Maybe I’ll dedicate Why It Matters III: Rambo’s Revenge to true tales of bicycle madness, but for now let’s get back on the topic of music.  Here’s are a  few mostly deep cuts about the only machine I’ve ever loved.

“Riding On My Bike,” Madness

“Broken Bicycles,” Tom Waits

“Sunday Afternoon Bicycle Polo,” Kevin Seconds

“Bicycle Song,” Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Bike Ride To The Moon,” Dukes of Stratosphear

“Bike,” Pink Floyd

“Bicycles Are Red Hot,” TV On The Radio

“My White Bicycle,” Tomorrow

“The Bike Song,” Mark Ronson & The Business Intl

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