Cinder “Keep On Stomping” Update

Cinder sent me this work in progress photo of the first ever Why It Matters print.  “This is just the dead coloring,” he says.  “The approach is to alternate between the final and their compliment color layers, lightening each as needed to bring up highlights. ”

Meanwhile I’m fishing for printers who can do Cinder’s work justice while also keeping the cost down so that we can get the prints out there for a reasonable price.   And again, if you’re not interested in or can’t afford one of the prints I’m also looking into fun stuff like t-shirts, postcards, and posters.  One alert reader suggested a window sticker, which is a very cool idea.

So what do you think — what sort of “Keep On Stomping” object appeals to you?

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    • I’m very much the same way, which can lead to a sort of paralysis. That’s part of what makes Why It Matters special for me — thanks to you guys I’ve managed to get out of the “process is all that matters” mindset and actually deliver some goods.


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