Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: 8:22 Songs

The other day I sorted my iTunes by time just for giggles.  It’s an interesting way to look at one’s music collection — not as random as shuffle, not as ordered as sorting by title, album, or artist.

So for no good reason other than that I found it interesting, here are the songs on my playlist that run eight minutes and twenty-two seconds.  You’ll notice that not all of these versions are 8:22, but the spirit is there:

“White Slavery,”  Type O Negative

“Scarecrow,” Ministry.  One of my favorites.

“Baby Don’t You Do It,” The Who.  The Who at their R&B finest.

“O Superman,” Laurie Anderson.  This song would be on my all-time greats list if it hadn’t been beaten to death by that damned cell phone commercial.  It’s going to be twenty years before I can hear this again without wanting to stab somebody with a fork.

“Keep It Greasy,” Frank Zappa

“Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns,” Mother Love Bone.  Seattle’s “Stairway To Heaven.”  Desert island listening for me.

“Pallas Athena (Live),” David Bowie.  A cool song from Bowie’s nineties era. If I remember correctly this version was only available on a promo.

“Oh Comely,” Neutral Milk Hotel

So what runs 8:22 on your playlist?  I’m listening.

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  1. Interesting idea! The only song that comes close is Led Zeppelin – Kashmir from Physical Graffiti. Not what I’d call a ‘deep cut’ but it clocks at 8:29.


    • An all-time great, to say the least. Have you ever paid attention to the crash cymbal in that song? It doesn’t come when you’d expect it, yet it works. A very subtle example of the brilliance of John Bonham.


  2. I also have Mother Love Bone on my playlist coming in at 8:22. Stranglehold by The Nuge comes in at 8:23. Let’s not forget the 1985 ubiquitious tune “Rock Me Amadeus” at a pretty close 8:25. Finally, Ru Paul’s extended “A Little Bit of Love” is 8:17. I’m really surprised to not see that here. Surely that’s because of the 0:05 delta.


    • You had me at Mother Love Bone, and then you locked it up with “Stranglehold.” Say what you will about Uncle Ted, but that’s a very cool song. “Rock Me Amadeus” was a nice little piece of radio weirdness in 1985 — one of those unexpected hits that broke up the top 40 monotony. As for Ru Paul? Um, I’m going to have to take your word on that one.


  3. I had to really give this one some thought. Apparently I don’t listen to many songs that haven’t been made for radio play with the sort of under 5 minute cap.
    There is one Steely Dan song close to 8 minutes – Aja, which is lovely. He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot by Grandaddy is nearly 9 minutes and is kinda cool. And of course, Paradise by the Dashboard Light is like… 8:30ish on the album. You go Meatloaf!


    • I knew I could count on you for a tasty Steely Dan deep cut, but look at you throwing in the obscure Grandaddy and the mega-insane-so-uncool-its-cool “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” Laura B. for the win!


  4. That is an innovative, refreshing way to rediscover forgotten songs in a bloated iTunes playlist. Two notable 8.22s on my list: Beatles “Revolution #9” and Animal Collective’s “Banshee Beat”. I’m glad Kelly recommended your site!


    • Well thank you. I enjoyed your writing very much, too. You have that wonderful knack for drawing the reader into the next paragraph — the “just one more piece of chocolate” impulse. Use your gift for good, not for evil.


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