Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Your Independence Day Playlist

The Fourth of July is a big deal in the United States.  It was on this very day back in 1776 when the Beatles first  came to America, and we like to celebrate by getting drunk, eating too much, and blowing shit up.

We also have a very standard playlist that we beat to death each year.  This includes Sousa marches, the 1812 Overture, and that awful Lee Greenwood song that makes NASCAR fans scream “Whoooo!”

But maybe where you are today is just another date on the calendar, or maybe you’ve heard enough horrible, screechy versions of “America the Beautiful” or “The Star Spangled Banner” for one lifetime.   Here’s a list of songs you may not have considered for your red, white, and blue day:

“Back in the USA,” MC5: Detroit’s loudest covering Chuck Berry.

“4th Of July,” X:  One of my favorite X songs, oddly from one of my least favorite X albums.

“4th Of July,” Soundgarden: A slightly less perky look at America’s birthday.

“Death Or Glory,” The Clash: Has nothing to do with Independence Day, but it should.

“America Is,” Violent Femmes:  You’re getting this one because you expected me to give you “American Music.”  You zig I zag, get it?

“America,” Bert Sommer:  Bert’s in my power rotation right now.  How the hell did the guy who got a standing ovation at Woodstock basically just vanish?   Paul Simon allegedly was a fan of Sommer’s version of his song.  One listen and you’ll understand why.

“American Man,” Velvet Revolver.  Vain, addicted, can’t hold a job.  Yep — Scot Weiland truly is the American man.


“American Witch,” Rob Zombie:  Yeah, this is only here because it includes the word “American” and I felt like listening to Rob Zombie.  Make the best of it.

“Indoor Fireworks,” Nick Lowe.  It’s been a long day filled with hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on Chinese grills, prepackaged apple pie, imported fireworks and chants of “USA! USA! USA!”  Time to head inside and call it a night.  Finish it up with this cool cover of Elvis Costello’s “Indoor Fireworks” and get to bed.

**** Super Deluxe Hidden Bonus Cut ****

Go big or go puppet, right?  Right?

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