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From The Stacks: Chastain – Mystery Of Illusion

This is normally where I write something.  Sometimes I provide a little background to introduce you to an album, give you some sense of the artist and the music.  Sometimes I make a snarky comment or seven in order to gently guide you to what’s funny about a particular album cover.

But really, what’s the point this time?  Let’s just all kick back and bask in the awesomeness of Chastain’s Mystery Of Illusion.

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  1. Words fail me. I don’t know anything about Chastain except that the artist for their album cover must have been a 13 year old boy.


  2. Where’d you get that one, Jimmeh? ;o) One of those that I bought in Germany when there were no good radio stations, no Internets, and all I had was magazines and sheet music to see new music…the awesomeness doesn’t translate to the page, sadly.

    Forgot about that album!


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