Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Beach Songs

Beach songs.  On one hand you’ve got your Beach Boys and Jan and Dean; on the other you have your Dick Dale, Ventures, and Surfaris.  And then there’s Shag music — oldies like the Drifters and  the Platters.

That’s all good stuff (especially Dick Dale), but you don’t need my help putting together that kind of playlist.  No, we’re going literal today — songs with “beach” in their titles.

So in the immortal words of Frank Zappa, let me take you to the beach:

Up the Beach,” Jane’s Addiction.  Jane’s used to open their shows with this one.  Stunning.

“Plastic Beach,” Gorillaz.  That’s The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon guesting on this one.

“Rockaway Beach,”Ramones

“On the Beach,” Faces

“I Want to Go to the Beach,” Iggy Pop.  Preliminaires is a really interesting and different Iggy Pop album.  Give it a shot.

There’s five from my personal playlist (six if you count the Zappa reference).  What “beach” songs are on yours?  I’m listening.

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