A Summer Rerun

I just returned from a family reunion at which I visited with people I haven’t seen in many years.  Among those long lost relatives was my cousin, Lindsey.  I wrestled with whether to share the following piece with her. What if I offend her?  What if I embarrass myself?  What if, what if, what if?

Eventually I screwed up my courage and passed it along.  To date I haven’t been assaulted by any process servers, so I guess even if I didn’t make a good thing with this piece at least I didn’t make a libelous one.

Anyway, here it is.  This might be the only place on the intergooglewebtubes where you’ll find The Clash, X, and the Bee Gees mentioned in the same story.  Throw in some  underaged drinking,  a pair of cutoffs, and a motorcycle and you have a true tale of liquor, lust, and primer-gray Camaros set to music.  Enjoy:  49. This Is A Public Service Announcement (With Guitars)

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