Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For Fresh Starts

Perhaps the single most powerful tool we each have in our tool boxes is that great big hammer we use to knock down our house of cards and start over again.  (Note:  A swipe with the back of the hand works just as well but isn’t as fun.)

Whether it’s a hairstyle, wardrobe, job, career, relationship, or ice cream flavor we somehow find the courage eventually to take that first step toward a new life, or toward rebuilding the old one.  Here are some songs for fresh starts:

“Begin the Begin,” R.E.M.: Quite likely my favorite song from Athens’ finest.

“Starting A New Life,” Van Morrison: From the legendary Tupelo Honey, a must have for any record collection.

“The Start of Something Beautiful,” Porcupine Tree.  The keepers of the prog rock flame.  If you don’t know Porcupine Tree you need to check them out.

“My Life Is Starting Over Again,” Kepi.  Formerly of the Groovy Ghoulies, ladies and gentleman, Sacramento’s own Kepi Ghoulie!

“I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish,” The Smiths.  From Strangeways Here We Come, one of the greatest swan songs ever released. The end of The Smiths, the beginning of Morissey…

“Born Again Cretin,” Robert Wyatt: Another brilliant artist well worth your time.

“Hope/New Beginnings,” Judas Priest:  Speaking of starting over, Priest came back with the juggernaut  Nostradamus in 2007 and proved that they didn’t have to keep playing “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” to remain viable.

“Reborn,” Slayer:  I’ve included “Reborn” for two reasons:  1)  You need to give Slayer some respect; and 2) I wanted this to be the only list in the history of the intergooglewebtubes that begins with R.E.M. and ends with a cut off of Reign In Blood.

So get out your hammer and start smashing all of the crap that’s holding back your fresh start.  And when you do, let me know what your playlist was.  I’m listening.

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  1. I love Love LOVE (Think how like a junior high school girl likes Bieber) Robert Wyatt. Awesome song choice, but IMHO ‘At Last I am Free’ wins for me hands down on the ‘new starts’ front. 😛 🙂


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