Why It Matters To The Bar-Kays (and How To Score Some Cool Stuff)

True. Funk. Legends.   We’re talking Stax session players, Otis Redding’s backing band, players  on Isaac Hayes’s classic Hot Buttered Soul.  And then of course The Bar-Kays were seventies and eighties superstars in their own right.

For forty-five years James Alexander and Larry Dodson have kept The Bar-Kays together through tragedies, line-up changes, and the fickle tastes of the music industry.  Now they’re making their thirtieth (thirtieth!) album and you can be a part of it.

My personal experience with The Bar-Kays dates to 1986 or so in Savannah, Georgia.  My record store did an in-store appearance with the band, and they were amazing.  Some bands treat meeting their fans and signing a few autographs like a burden, but The Bar-Kays were all about thanking the people who paid their bills.  They still are.

They’ve taken their fundraising campaign for their new album directly to their fans via PledgeMusic, and for a contribution as small as twenty bucks you can score some really unique goodies:

$20: Personalized Outgoing Voicemail by the Bar-Kays

$20: New CD + Autographed Picture

$25: “Grown Folks” T-shirt

$25: Bar-Kays Music Video DVD & New CD

$50: Skype Chat

$60: CD Collectors Set

$100: All Access Concert Pass

$125: Bar-Kays T-shirt, Hat & Jacket (autographed)

$250: Tour of Memphis by the Bar-Kays

They even have some items for the better-heeled among us.  Got $5,000?  Have The Bar-Kays play your party.  How about $1,500?  You can go out to dinner with the guys.  Cool stuff.

Tell you what, I’ll make a deal with you:  For every new subscriber/follower to Why It Matters and or the Why It Matters Facebook fan page during the band’s PledgeMusic campaign, I’ll increase my pledge to The Bar-Kays.  Even if you can’t afford anything you can still help out — a click doesn’t cost you anything — and you’ll be bringing the world more bad ass music like this:

I don’t get a lot of chances to talk to music legends, so I used my opportunity to get the guys’ take on why it matters:

Music matters to us because it’s the common thread that brought us together, and the glue that keeps us together. And when you’ve been in the music industry for as long as we have, you’re able to make a lot of people smile and forget their troubles when listening to your music……God Bless, Larry Dodson and James Alexander of The Bar-Kays

Links, links, links:

The Bar-Kays PlegeMusic page

The Bar-Kays on Facebook

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  1. Good for them for their kindness to fans! That is a great way for entertainers to stay relevent and beloved…beyond their hard work ethic and amazing talent.


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