Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs To Confess By

Okay, maybe in the great universe of things to confess “I’m struggling with this story” ranks just below “I didn’t refill the ice tray,” but it’s the hand I was dealt this week so what can I do.

Confessing and confessors are recurring themes in music.  Are you ready to ‘fess up about your college experimentation or that body beneath the tulips?  Here’s a playlist to help you:

“I Confess,” The English Beat.  From the Special Beat Service album.  While I’m here I may as well confess to a fondness for The English Beat.  Stop judging me!

“Confessin’ the Blues,” Chuck Berry.  One of the many treasures you’ll find in The Chess Box.

“Confessions,” Violent Femmes.   Lee G. and I were convinced that that Violent Femmes would be remembered as one of the most important bands of the late twentieth century.  The final votes aren’t in yet — we may still be right.

“Midnight Confessions,” The Grass Roots.   Hey, who’s that on guitar? Dunder-Mifflin’s own Creed Bratton, that’s who.

“True Confessions,” The Undertones.  Even punks have to ‘fess up now and then.

“The Confessor,” Joe Walsh.  I was deep into my punk/new wave  alter ego when this came out.  Fortunately I could use the record store’s turntable to play it over and over.  “I hate this shit, but Steve The Manager says we have to sell with the turntable.”  You can take the black t-shirt off the guy who jams, but he’ll still be a Guy In Black Tee Shirt Who Jams.  You know, on the inside.  Where it counts.

So what’s your ‘fessin music?  You can tell the truth — I’m listening.

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